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Rush-Overland is the recognized industry leader and is renowned for the safety, functionality, and efficiency of its products. We provide the industry’s most reliable and rugged equipment, engineered and manufactured to meet the grueling demands of the Oil & Gas Industry.

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The ZEUS SERIES is a combination of decades of vacuum truck design and manufacturing experience with the superior quality that you have grown to know and expect from RUSH OVERLAND MANUFACTURING.

Zeus Vacuum Truck

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Superior Quality

The Zeus Hydroexcavator is the one truck that handles all of your heavy duty hydroexacavating needs. It is robustly designed and constructed to handle your most demanding applications. The Zeus can handle solids, heavy sludge and slurries as well as the toughest liquids. This versatile truck will pick up anything that can fit in an 8” hose!

  • Available with up to 6,600 CFM positive displacement blower
  • Ultimate protection of blower using dual cyclones to filter the air prior to the final filter
  • Washable inline blower filter to protect blower from fine particles
  • 1,000 USG of water in a front-mounted internally-coated water tank with optional vacuum loading capabilities
  • 2,600 USG debris tank with internal baffle, full-opening rear door and 8”x 26 ft reach x 6-way hydraulic boom that operates 320 degrees with standard wired pendant and optional wireless system to remotely control the system
  • Purpose-built to meet your specific application.

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Frac Water Heater

When it comes to Frac Water Heaters, bigger really is better.  Our 40 million BTU unit is one of the largest Frac Water Heaters available.  If performance is what you’re looking for…look no further.

  • Multi Fuel Capabilities (Natural Gas/Propane/Diesel)
  • 100 Degree F Delta T @ 15 BBL/min
  • Extreme Cold Weather Provisions Available
  • CSA Compliant

Hot Oil Truck


Rush-Overland Hot Oil Units are designed to your specifications. Available in both the Lone Star Edition for warm weather and the Rocky Mountain edition for cold weather.

Download Lone Star Edition Line Sheet

Download Rocky Mountain Edition Line Sheet

Add Our Patented Load Boosting System

Patented Load Boosting System can increase hauling capacity
30% more load capacity than competitor trucks
Allows the operator to maximize the payload by sliding the tank
Takes full advantage of front axle capacity

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