Lone Star Edition

Rush 75 Barrel Hot Oil Unit – Lone Star Edition

  • Unit is Constructed on 10″ I-Beam Cross Members
  • 5″ Channel Outriggers
  • 1/4″ Floor Plate
  • Unit is Recessed between Burner Chamber and Storage Tank for Easy Access to the Controls, Manifold System, and Pumps
  • Viking and Bowie Pumps are Mounted on the Outside of the Unit Frame for Easy Maintenance
  • Rush Easy Access Lubrication System will Simplify Daily Lubrication of all Pumps

Burner Features:

  • Rush LPG Fired Up-Draft Burner with Mild Steel Tips
  • Burner is Rated At 7,000,000 BTU Input and 5,800,000 BTU Output
  • Direct Spark Ignited
  • Water Heated Propane Vaporizer with Steel Coils
  • Propane Pre-Heater inside Burner Box
  • 48″ Tool Box Mounted on Each Side of Burner Box

Heat Exchanger Consist Of:

  • 84 – 2″ Schedule 80 SA-106 Seamless Tubing
  • Top Two Layers Thermo Finned for Greater Efficiency
  • One Pass Arrangement
  • Direct Fired
  • Hydro Tested to 2,000 PSI

Burner Chamber Is Constructed Of:

  • 1/4″ Outer Walls
  • Two Layers Of Ceramic Fiber Insulation Rated At 2,300 Degrees Per Layer
  • Remote Fire Prevention System within Burner Chamber
  • Inspection Door on Drivers Side
  • Insulated Burner Box Top with Stainless Steel Rooster Cone

Control Panel Consists Of:

  • Water Tight Stainless Steel Control Box With Viewing Plexi-Glass Window and Removable Door
  • Panel Power Switch with Indicator Light
  • Burner Igniter Switch
  • Murphy High/Low Temperature Gauge with Burner Safety Shut-Down and Reset Switch
  • Murphy High/Low Pressure Gauge with Engine Shut-Down and Reset Switch
  • 60 lb. Propane Burner Pressure Gauge
  • 600 lb. Coil Pressure Gauge
  • 10,000 lb. Discharge Pressure Gauge
  • Pulsation Dampener Valves for Gauge in Control Panel
  • Coil Inlet and Outlet Temperature Gauges on Manifold
  • Engine Start Switch
  • Engine Throttle Switches
  • Engine Tachometer
  • Engine Water Temperature Gauge
  • Engine Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Air Clutch
  • Electric Over Air Shift PTO Control for Viking, Bowie, and Triplex
  • Work Light Switches
  • Panel Lights Mounted inside Control Box for Night Operation
  • Remote Control for Fire Prevention System in Heater
  • Pilot Igniter Push-Button Switch
  • Sight Glass Washer Switch
  • All Instruments, Switches, and Controls will be Properly Labeled

75 BBL Single Compartment Tank Constructed Of:

  • 3/16″ Tank Walls, Heads, and Baffles
  • 12″ Sump
  • Sight Glass Level Indicator and Cock with Sight Glass Protectors and Barrel Markers Mounted on Drivers Side of Tank
  • Access Ladder Mounted on Driver’s Side of Tank with Full Length Walkway
  • Vent Box with 3″ Vent Pipe
  • Two Manways on Top of Tank
  • Hose Rack (Single) Mounted On Rear of Unit
  • Hose Storage Built into Unit Skid
  • Pipe Rack with Locking Doors on Passenger Side of Unit to Hold Eight Aluminum 1-1/2″ x 13′ Joints of Schedule 80 Discharge Lines with Unions
  • Rear Mounted Discharge Swing Joint with Two 6,000 lb. Swivels
  • 3″ Loading Connections on Sides and Rear of Unit with Brass Quick Couplers
  • 2″ Washout Connection on Rear of Tank with Butterfly Valve and Brass Quick Coupler
  • Two 25 Gallon Chemical Tanks Built into Rear of Unit
  • One Kerosene Tank on Passenger Side with Transfer Pump Valved to Sight Glass for Cleaning
  • Four LED Flooded Lights for Night Operation

High Pressure Pump:

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  • 165 TEE Triplex Pump
  • 3″ Colomony Plungers
  • 5″ Stroke
  • High Pressure Cast Steel Fluid Ends For Well Service
  • Hard Steel Valve Seats
  • Heavy Duty Universal Joints and Chain Drive
  • All Necessary Manifold to Connect Pump

TEEF 3X5 Well Servicing Performance Rating


Feed Pump:

  • 3″ Viking Pump
  • 4 Speed Transmission
  • Mechanical Drive

Load Pump:

  • 3″ Bowie Pump
  • Mechanical Drive

3″ Manifold System:

  • Schedule 40 SA-106 Seamless Pipe and Fittings
  • 3″ Butterfly Valves
  • 3″ Brass Camlocks and Plugs

2″ Low Pressure Manifold:

  • Schedule 80 SA-106 Seamless Pipe and Fittings
  • Three 2″ Jamesbury Ball Valves with 300-Degree Seats
  • 2″ Check Valve
  • 1″ Pressure Relief Valve (Set at 250 psi.)

2″ High Pressure Manifold:

  • Schedule 160 SA-106 Seamless Pipe and Fittings
  • Two 6,000 psi. Ball Valves with High Temperature Seals
  • One 6,000 psi. Check Valve with High Temperature Seals
  • One 5,000 psi. Pressure Relief Valve


  • Spicer 784 Auxiliary Transmission to Drive Triplex Pump
  • Eight Aluminum 1-1/2″ x 13′ Joints of Schedule 80 Discharge Pipes with Hammer Unions
  • Discharge Pipe will be Tested and Banded
  • 50′ of 3″ Loading Hose With Camlock Connections
  • Two 48″ Locking Tool Boxes at Rear of Unit
  • One Tool Box Mounted between Cab and Unit
  • Two 250 Gallon LPG Tanks Stacked and Mounted on Rear of Unit
  • Propane System will be Certified, Tagged and Licensed through the Texas Railroad Commission – License #0879
  • One 30 lb. Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher Mounted at Rear of Unit
  • Tow Hook on Rear of Unit
  • Sandblast and Paint to Customer’s Specification

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