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Vacuum Industry

Rush-Overland is leading the way in the Vacuum Truck industry.  Our new series provides the same safety, functionality, and efficiency that you expect from all of Rush Overland’s products. Rush-Overland is continuously engineering, improving and introducing innovative new processes and designs.

Talos Vacuum Truck


The Talos Vacuum Truck offers the patented “Load Boosting System” that allows you to haul more payload legally in every state by allowing the tank to slide forward therefore taking advantage of the under utilized front axle capacity.

  • 30% more load capacity than competitor trucks
  • Hydraulically operated tank lift system
  • Hydraulically operated rear door
  • Multiple vacuum pump/blower options
  • On-board scale system allows for “no-guess” weight distribution
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Notos Vacuum Truck


WetVac Up to 3600 CFM

The new Notos Vacuum Truck offers a robust design and construction that will handle your most demanding applications.  It handles heavy sludge, slurries and the toughest
liquids and minimizes material carry over from tank to filtration system.



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Poseidon Vacuum Truck


WetVac 1400 – 2600 CFM


Zeus Vacuum Truck



WetVac Up to 6000 CFM


Typhon Vacuum Truck



WetVac Up to 6000+ CFM

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