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Vacuum Industry

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Vacuum Industry

Rush-Overland is leading the way in the Vacuum Truck industry.  Our new series provide the same safety, functionality, and efficiency that you expect from all of Rush Overland’s products. Rush-Overland is continuously engineering, improving and introducing innovative new processes and designs.

Titan Series

The new patented “Load Boosting System” increases your payload as much as 50% by allowing the tank to slide forward therefore taking advantage of the under utilized front axle capacity.

  • Hydraulically operated tank lift system
  • Hydraulically operated rear door
  • Multiple vacuum pump/blower options
  • On-board scale system allows for “no-guess” weight distribution
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Poseidon Series



WetVac 1400 – 2600 CFM


Notos Series



WetVac Up to 3600 CFM


Zeus Series



WetVac Up to 6000 CFM


Typhon Series



WetVac Up to 6000+ CFM

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