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Zeus Vacuum Truck

Innovative Technology
In Wastewater and Oil & Gas

Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP)

With over 90% of the market share, Rush-Overland is the long-standing market leader in the CIPP industry. Our wastewater products are second to none because we DO IT RIGHT.

  • Steam Units
  • Water Heater with Inversion Tower
  • Inversion Drums
  • UV Lateral Sealing System
  • UV Mainline Curing System
Our CIPP Products

Champions In Oil & Gas

With over 40 years experience and an unparalleled commitment to the customer, Rush-Overland provides the service and quality that the industry demands.

  • Hot Oil Units
  • Frac Water Heaters
  • Kill Trucks (Pressure Pumping Trucks)
  • Vacuum Trucks
Oil & Gas

Leaders in the

1. Customer Focus

Our customers talk… and we listen. Understanding our customers is our priority. We gather their feedback and build the systems they need. If our customers are happy, we’re happy.

2. Experience

Rush-Overland has engineered and built cutting-edge systems for over 40 years while developing a leadership team with over 200 years of combined manufacturing experience.

3. Innovation

With customer feedback and our team’s combined experience, Rush-Overland pushes the boundaries with our innovative products.

4. Delivery

Deadlines are a reality!  At Rush-Overland, we’re committed to meeting our delivery without sacrificing quality.

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