Notos Vacuum Truck

Notos Vacuum Truck

• Robust design and construction that will handle your most demanding applications
• Handles heavy sludge, slurries and the toughest liquids
• Minimizes material carry over from tank to filtration system
• Ultimate protection of the blower utilizing dual cyclones to filter the air prior to the final filter
• Washable inline blower filter to protect blower from fine particles
• Blower Over-temp Protection System (BOPS) prevents the blower from overheating when filter is
• Pressure offload your tank using the secondary vane vacuum pump
• Vacuum load your tank using the secondary vane pump for liquid loads and for operating in refineries
• Designed to carry hazardous material on the federal interstate highway system
• Maximum use of your truck axle weight limits on any road, federal highway or worksite
• Empty your tank without dumping all over your bumper using our PATENTED SLIDING TANK DESIGN
• Monitor your axle weights using the on-board air scales, reducing over weight tickets




  • DOT 407/412, ASME designed & certified for full vacuum, 25 psi for int. pressure and
    15 psi ext. pressure
  • 3600 USG (+3% outage) tank made of carbon steel
  • Full opening rear door with dual side mounted hydraulic cylinders with semi-automatic
    safety brace
  • Hydraulic dump cylinder for dumping tank with semi-automatic safety stand
  • 6 Manually operated polished rear door bolt and wing nuts
  • 20” Manway mounted top of tank
  • 8” Primary shut-off mounted top of tank with 8” and 3” air operated isolation valve
  • Rear door mounted rotary float gauge
  • 6” air operated suction valve mounted on rear head with 6” standpipe, deflector plate
    and air switch
  • 6” air operated discharge valve mounted on rear head with air switch
  • Half baffle

Positive Displacement Blower:

Roots DVJ 721 PDB capable of 3600 CFM and 27” full vacuum driven by heavy duty OMSI driveline-mounted transfer case. Blower Over-temperature Protection System (BOPS) designed to automatically protect blower from overheating.

Rotary Vane Pump:

PTO hydraulically driven moro, NVE, masport or optional rotary vane pump of your
choice controlled from valve body. 350-630 CFM (up to 28” Hg and 15 psi off-loading

Vacuum System:

  • Modular subframe design
  • Dual 20” cyclone for filtration of airflow to minimize carry over with 20” drop box and
    3” drain valves
  • 30” final filter housing with 100 micron washable inline filter to protect blower with
    10” Check valve
  • 8” Disconnect and 3” non-disconnect piping to allow tank to dump
  • 3” Secondary shut-off and oil catch muffler with 3” hose connection both with drain valves
  • Pressure relief valve, vacuum relief valve and vacuum pump flush portaulically driven vacuum pump, powered by Muncie PTO, and Parker hydraulic valve body pumps and motors.


  • Full length enclosed hose trays with drain ports
  • Fully FMVSS certified LED truck lighting with LED side markers and 2 LED rear-mounted
    work lights
  • DOT rated bumper
  • Easy fold-up ladder on driver side for access to manway and top of tank
  • Weather sealed tool box
  • SS control panel for tank vacuum/pressure gauge, hydraulic pressure gauge, emergency
    shut-off switch, isolation valve switches, digital temperature gauge, digital tachometer
    and throttle control
  • Hydraulic vibrator mounted to the bottom of tank


Mounted on Rush Supplied chassis or your chassis

Optional Equipment:            

  • Patented load boosting system designed to maximize your carrying capacity in any
    state and prevent from dumping on your bumper
  • On board air scales for monitoring axle weights
  • NVE re-buildable rear valves in steel or stainless steel
  • Lined interior for tank for handling caustic material
  • Custom tool boxes
  • Transfer pump
  • Full tank length catwalk assembly
  • Aluminum side tray/fenders
  • Additional LED lighting
  • High-pressure wash down system


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