Typhon Vacuum Loader

For over 30 years rush-overland has been manufacturing heating and pumping equipment for the oil & gas and wastewater industries.  The Typhon is another edition to rush’s vacuum truck line.  Like all of our trucks, it is purpose built to meet your specific application.  Ease of operation, maintenance and customer input is designed into every unit.  Let rush design and manufacture your truck to meet “your” specification and needs!

  • Robustly designed and constructed that will handle your most demanding applications
  • Handle solids, heavy sludge, slurries, liquids as well as light dry material. There isn’t anything that the TYPHON won’t pick up!
  • Available with up to 6600 CFM Positive Displacement blower
  • Ultimate protection of blower using dual Cyclones and dual baghouses to filter the air prior to the final filter.
  • Dual baghouse with optional baghouse by pass system when loading wet material to extend the life of your bags.
  • Washable inline blower filter to protect blower from fine particles
  • 3600 USG Debris tank with internal baffle, full opening rear door and 8”x 19 ft reach x 6 way hydraulic boom that operates 320 degrees with standard wired pendant and optional Wireless controller to remotely control the system.
  • Manual door bolts and wing nuts or optional hydraulic door locking system
  • Optional secondary vacuum pump for pressure unloading or to handle smaller vacuum loading operations.
  • Configurable to suit your application. A variety of available options.

The TYPHON SERIES is a combination of decades of vacuum truck design and manufacturing experience with the superior quality that you have grown to know and expect from RUSH OVERLAND MANUFACTURING.



  • Designed for Full Vacuum, 15 psi for Internal pressure and 15 psi External pressure
  • 3600 USG tank made of Carbon Steel
  • Full opening Rear Door with dual side mounted hydraulic cylinders and Semi-automatic Door
  • Saftey brace
  • Hydraulic dump cylinder for dumping tank with Semi-Automatic tank safety stand.
  • 6 Manual operated Polished Rear Door bolt and wing nuts
  • 20” Manway on top of tank
  • Primary shut-off mounted in 20” Manway. Easy access for removal and servicing through lid of manway.
  • Rear door mounted Rotary Float Gauge
  • 6” Manual suction valve mounted on rear head with 6” Standpipe, deflector plate with aluminum camlock and cap.
  • 6” Manual discharge valve mounted on rear head
  • Half baffle
  • Hydraulic vibrator mounted on bottom of tank


  • 6-way hydraulically operated 8” Boom extendable to 19 ft c/w with heavy duty boom hose and band lock fittings and 320 degree rotation.
  • Wired pendant with 25 ft extension and optional wireless controls
  • Three 8” x 60” diameter boom extension tube mounted on the side of truck.

PD Blower

  • Roots DVJ 827 PDB capable of 5775 CFM and 27” full vacuum driven by heavy duty OMSI driveline mounted transfer case.  Optional Robuschi/Gardner Denver RBD-145 or Hibon 8702 blowers available.

Vacuum System

  • Modular subframe design
  • Dual 20” Cyclones for filtration of airflow to minimize carry over with 20” drop box and 3” drain valves.
  • Dual 42” Baghouses with 59 individual bags and cages to further filter the air when loading light dry material. Baghouses are supplied with air blow down bag cleaning system, 20” drop box with 3” drain valves and hydraulically opening lids.
  • 30” diameter final filter assembly with 100 micron washable inline filter to protect blower.
  • 12” Check valve to protect blower from turning backwards.
  • Dual 8” Disconnect piping to allow tank to dump.
  • 6” manual vent valve and 6” Air-operated vent valve
  • Blower over-temperature protection system
  • Pressure relief valve


  • LED truck lighting with LED side markers – Fully FMVSS certified
  • 2 LED rear mounted work lights, 2 side mounted work lights, and one work light mounted near control panel
  • DOT rated bumper
  • Easy Fold up ladder on driver side for access to manway and top of tank
  • Ladder and platform for easy access to baghouse bags
  • Weather sealed Tool Box
  • Enclosed Control panel for protection of gauges


  • Mounted on Rush Supplied chassis or your chassis

Optional Equipment

  • NVE re-buildable rear valves
  • Stainless steel valves
  • Custom Tool boxes
  • Full tank length Catwalk Assembly
  • Aluminum or steel full length Side tray/Fenders
  • Additional LED lighting
  • Hydraulic operated door clamps
  • 6-way hydraulically operated 8” Boom extendable to 23 ft c/w with heavy duty boom hose and band lock fittings and 320 degree rotation.
  • Wireless boom controls
  • Secondary Vacuum Pump for pressure unloading and smaller vacuum loading applications.
  • Vacuum pump options (Fruitland, Moro, NVE, or Masport)
  • Rear door mounted upper loading nozzle
  • Rear mounted hose Hooks


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