NOVA UV Lateral Systems


The NOVA Lateral Sealing System provides an excellent alternative to traditional Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) method by implementing UV LED technology to lateral sewer line sealing. The NOVA Lateral Sealing System operates inside 8” to 18” diameter main lines and is capable of performing lateral seal tasks on 4” and 6” laterals. The NOVA Lateral Sealing System is compatible with existing UV laminates designed to mold to the shape of the lateral opening in the main line, bridging from the inside of the main line to the internal circumference of the lateral sewer line and simultaneously sealing both surfaces with curing cycles of 8 minutes.

See It in Action


The NOVA Lateral Sealing System is powered by a 500 ft. multi conductor cable with a built in air line. This multi conductor cable is connected to one end of the NOVA Lateral Sealing System Tractor which consists of an electric driven crawler built with a rotating axle in the front. The tractor provides adequate motion, traction, and stability to the NOVA Lateral Sealing System in order to travel across main sewer lines with diameters of 8” to 18″. The other end of the tractor is connected to the applicator through an interconnecting hose. The NOVA Lateral Sealing System Applicator includes an inflatable silicone rubber bladder used to ensure a tight fit between the resin-impregnated laminate and the lateral line. The applicator also contains a multi-directional wheel that allows smooth movement of the system through the main line.

At the heart of the NOVA Lateral Sealing System is a set of UV LEDs evenly distributed across the applicator to provide the right amount of power for curing laminates inside lateral sewer lines of 4” to 6” in diameter. The outstanding properties of these UV LEDs deliver curing times of just 8 minutes, resulting in excellent cost efficiency due to lower curing times and the longer service life of these UV LEDs. Finally, another advantage of this technology is the elimination of blistering and overheating of the laminate since these UV LEDs generate almost no heat.

In order to monitor the proper operation of the NOVA Lateral Sealing System, the applicator is equipped with two cameras. The first camera, known as the pan/tilt camera, is installed on one end of the applicator and is used for locating lateral openings and assisting during the placement of the side bladder into the lateral. The pan/tilt camera is also capable of monitoring the placement of the system across the main line as well as the inflation/deflation process of the silicone rubber bladder. The second camera is installed inside the applicator looking up into the lateral line. This camera allows the operator to center the NOVA Lateral Sealing System with the lateral sewer line to ensure a tight and wrinkle-free fit of the laminate against the lateral. It also allows the operator to monitor the cooking off process.

The NOVA Lateral Sealing System is offered in a 16 ft. insulated trailer with an air-conditioned operator room. The system includes:

  • 7,500 watt generator
  • Air compressor for bladder inflation
  • Touchscreen control panel for regulating the system’s motion, speed and pressure
  • TV monitor for inspecting the operation of the system
  • Cable reel with 500 ft. of multi conductor cable with built-in air line for powering the system
  • Work table
  • Manhole rollers
  • Applicator rack


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